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спросил 17 лет назад

Dear Sirs, We found your name in Internet and we are really interested in your Medical Center. We are very impressed by the technology equipment you have and by the wide range of high quality service that you offer to your patients. We are most interested in your Oncology Department and we hope that you can help us!We would like to ask you about a patient who has oncology disease. The patient is a woman 55 years old. Initially the physicians found a breast cancer and she passed a surgery operation in May 2005 — «amputation em glandulae mammae dextra et dissection em lymphodulorum axillaris dextra» following 3 courses chemotherapy by scheme FEC till August 2005. In May 2006 metastasis have been found in the lung and later in the brain. Have you been treated patients with the same or similar diagnosis, what kind of methods do you use to fight with this kind of cancer and what are the results you have achieved eventually?Also, if you find our inquiry reasonable, we will be more than happy to provide any tests and results we have till this moment. As all of our documentation is in Bulgarian — will it be convenient for you if we scan and send all tests and results in Bulgarian. If needed we can find a Russian speaker, if no — you can send us your reply in English, it is not a problem! An urgent reply will be appreciated a lot! Thanking you in advance! Best regards Nina Ivanova

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Администратор Админ. ответил 17 лет назад

Dear Nina!I need more information about patient to wit:1.What treatment of brain metastasis has taken during last year?2. When head’s MRI with contrast has perfomed at last time?3. What patient’s state at present?4. Has patient active metastasis anywhere else except brain at present?I want to clear that our department is neurosurgical and we aren’t treat other internalsWith respect,Sergey Ilyalovneurosurgeon

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