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My Name is Nina Borissova, I am from Bulgaria, living in Sofia. My son, Tihomir Borissov is 20-years old and he has a malignant brain. Astrocitom3 operations have been performed, the 4th one is imminent. A radiation therapy has been made in Sofia and also a chemical therapy with Temodel.We were told that in your clinic the 12-years old Alexanser Stoyanov, also from Sofia, was completely cured.Please, if this is possible, give us some instructions what kind of chemistry to use during the chemical therapy, because it is urgent. Now we are collecting resources from donations, which will take 1-2 months. Please, tell us how much this therapy will cost and how should we make the payment – in advance or on few payments/leasing. We are sending you the result from the nuclear-magnetic resonance, made in Bulgaria on 22.02.2007.We are afraid that Tihomir can die, so we are asking for your prompt help (what kind of chemical therapy to use, what kind of medicines and how to apply them?)Please, send us contact information: phone numbers, Skype address, etc. We will send you money for the consultation, if we have to. Looking forward to hear from youNina Borissova

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Dear Nina!Our Center performes treatment of brain lesions by Gamma Knife radiosurgery. We may consult you about one if will receive your MRI data. Also we can connect with Glial Tumor departments of Burdenko Neurosurgical Institute about chemotherapy recommendations (look information on respectSergey IlyalovNeurosurgeon

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