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Dear Dr Ilyalov, Thank you very much for your prompt reply! Here is the additional information requested: 1.What treatment of brain metastasis has taken during last year? — No chemotherapy treatment has been taken uring last year concerning the brain metastasis. The patient takes dayly 1 tablet FEMARA — 2.5 mg peroral. We coduct a treatemt with vaccines ( animal lymph)with intramuscular injections as follows — every Monday VERORAB and every Thursday YMOVAX POLIO. Also, she takes tablets CUPRENIL — everyday in the morning and in the evening 1 pill — 250 mg. This treatment started from 18.01.2007 and it was prescribed by neurosurgeon Dr Filipov. For the cerebral edema ( the tumefaction in the brain)she takes tablets DEXAMETHASON — 16 mg daily 2. When head’s MRI with contrast has perfomed at last time? — We made MRT with contrast ( !!! is it the same test, please?)at 14.02.2007 We can send by courier this picture, if needed! 3. What patient’s state at present? — the woman is in a good condition, adequate with good eyesight, appetite and without ant headache. She complains of weakness and faintness. She is not able to sit upright and to walk alone. She cannot keep balance. She feels wight in her feet. She is consious, without any memory breaches. 4. Has patient active metastasis anywhere else except brain at present? — She has active metastasis in the lung. From July 2006 to September 2006 we made 3 courses chemiotherapy by scheme TAXOTERE — 160 mg + EPIRUBICIN -100 mg. No influence on the lung metastasis. Please, tell me what else do you need and I will be more than happy to answer and to send my post or mail any tests, documents and etc. We are able to come when necessary. Waiting for your kind reply Thanking you in advance Kind regards Nina P.S. Do you have a Bulgarian speaker in your team to read the examinations and tests or we have to translate them into Russian. We understand Russian as well but for me it is easier to communicate in English.

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Dear NinaPlease, send me by courier all head’s MRI (it’s the same that MRT) which have made.Also, explaine me why didn’t realized whole brain irradiation? or this method haven’t discussed?Well if you can translate patient’s medical report in RussianBest regardsSergey Ilyalovneurosurgeon

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